One of the most unexpected things that Hawkeye brought to the Marvel Cinematic Universe was Rogers: The Musical, a play based on the life of Steve Rogers/Captain America, and its creator originally thought the musical was a prank. With the Infinity Saga now over, the MCU continues its expansion with its Phase 4, which unlike the previous phases, it’s covering both movies and TV series, with the shows directly connecting to the movies.

The MCU TV shows have focused on characters that were mostly left aside in the movies and have given them a lead role, as well as more opportunities in future MCU projects. The shows have also introduced new characters who will play a bigger part in Phase 4 and beyond, among those Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), who made her debut in Hawkeye. The series reunited viewers with Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) as he confronted enemies from his past as Ronin while also unintentionally partnering with Kate Bishop to fight a crime group and uncover some mysteries related to her family – all this while also trying to go back with his family in time for Christmas.

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Hawkeye also served as another look at a post-Endgame world, where the original Avengers team is no longer active and people are still readapting to the world after Thanos’ snap. Of course, the world has a different idea of how the Battle of Earth and all previous battles led by the Avengers happened, and Hawkeye showed that perspective through Rogers: The Musical, a Broadway musical centered on the life of Steve Rogers. In Hawkeye, Clint took his kids to see the musical, which featured a number focused on the Battle of New York that wasn’t accurate at all as it included Ant-Man and completely pushed Hawkeye aside, describing him simply as “a cool guy”. Rogers: The Musical was a fun and interesting addition to the MCU, but its creator, Marc Shaiman, originally thought he was being pranked by his husband and Kevin Feige when he was asked to write the musical.

Disney+ has a series of documentary-style specials titled Marvel Studios: Assembled, which chronicles the creation of Marvel Studios’ new TV shows and movies, and The Making of Hawkeye is now available to stream. In it, Marc Shaiman shared his experience creating Rogers: The Musical and meeting Kevin Feige, which he at first thought was a joke as his husband is “the biggest Marvel nerd on Earth”, and to his surprise, Feige turned out to be a musical theater nerd. Some time later, Shaiman got a call to write a song for a Marvel TV show and he once again thought it was a prank from his husband, but Marvel really wanted a theater musical number for Hawkeye. Shaiman added that all those years of watching Marvel movies with his husband paid off, as he was already familiar with the stories and terms, though he never expected to write stuff that rhymed with words like “Chitauri” and “Tesseract”.

Rogers: The Musical was initially well-received by the audience as it was an unexpected and ultimately funny addition to the MCU, but when the full musical number “Save the City” was released as the post-credits scene of Hawkeye’s finale, fans weren’t so welcoming. Still, Rogers: The Musical is an interesting look at how the rest of the world sees the Avengers’ work and interprets all their battles, though it also made way for a couple of plot holes.

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