“Resident Alien”: A Quirky Blend of Humor, Mystery, and Extraterrestrial Charm

By TVBob Mar11,2024
Resident Alien
Resident Alien

In the quiet town of Patience, Colorado, something otherworldly is afoot. “Resident Alien”, the SyFy TV series, has crash-landed into our hearts, blending humor, mystery, and a dash of extraterrestrial charm. Based on the comic book by Peter Hogan and Steve Parkhouse, this show takes us on a wild ride with an alien who’s more confused by human behavior than we are by his glowing blue eyes.

The Premise: Alien Among Us

Dr. Harry Vanderspeigel (played by the incomparable Alan Tudyk) is having a bad day. His spaceship malfunctioned, leaving him stranded on Earth. His original mission? To wipe out humanity. But fate has other plans. Forced to assume the identity of a reclusive doctor, Harry must navigate human life while keeping his true form under wraps. Imagine E.T. meets “Northern Exposure,” with a dash of “The X-Files.”

The Quirky Characters and Their Interactions

  1. Harry Vanderspeigel:
    • An alien who binge-watches cable TV to learn about humanity.
    • His fascination with human behavior is both endearing and hilarious.
    • From awkward handshakes to deciphering idioms, Harry’s journey is a crash course in Earthling etiquette.
  2. Asta Twelvetrees:
    • The nurse who unwittingly becomes Harry’s guide.
    • Their interactions range from heartwarming to downright bizarre.
    • Asta’s patience (pun intended) with Harry’s quirks is a highlight.
  3. Sheriff Mike Thompson:
    • The town’s law enforcement officer.
    • His skepticism about Harry’s odd behavior provides ongoing humor.
    • Picture Mulder and Scully, but with more confusion and fewer aliens.
  4. Max Hawthorne:
    • The mayor’s son who can see Harry’s true form.
    • Their unlikely friendship is a mix of curiosity and acceptance.
    • Max’s innocence contrasts with Harry’s otherworldly experiences.
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Quotes That Capture the Essence

  • Harry: “This is their home. I want to meet someone like me so maybe I can feel like I am home.”
  • Asta: “Yeah, about that. Um, I spoke to Violinda at the party. She knows Goliath. Or did know him. Um, he’s dead, Harry.”
  • Harry: “Goliath was dead as soon as he became more human than me.”

The Visual Style: Snowy Landscapes and Alien Glow

  • The show’s scenic small-town setting—snow-covered mountains, cozy cabins, and quaint streets—creates a visual feast.
  • Cinematic lighting shifts from warm indoor scenes to moody exteriors.
  • Dr. Vanderspeigel’s mismatched wardrobe and glowing blue eyes add to the visual intrigue.


Comedic Moments That Land Like Meteorites

  1. Harry’s Human Interaction Mishaps:
    • Handshakes, sarcasm, and dating—Harry’s confusion is relatable and hilarious.
    • When someone says, “Break a leg,” Harry imagines literal leg-breaking.
  2. Max’s Alien Conspiracy Theories:
    • Max’s wild theories about aliens and government cover-ups provide comic relief.
    • Harry’s deadpan responses keep us guessing.
  3. Cooking Adventures Gone Wrong:
    • Harry’s attempts at human cuisine result in spaghetti with ketchup and marshmallows.
    • Asta’s reaction? Priceless.

Reviews and Viewer Reactions

  • Roger Ebert praises the blend of humor and heart.
  • Fans tweet, “I can’t decide if I want to be friends with Harry or run away screaming.”

Prospects for Season 3

  • Good news! “Resident Alien” has been renewed.
  • We eagerly await more alien absurdity, heartfelt moments, and perhaps answers to lingering mysteries.

In a world where escapism is needed, “Resident Alien” offers comfort, laughs, and a reminder that even aliens can find a place to belong. 🛸📺


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