Things to Do in Asheville This Week

things to do in asheville this week

If you’re planning a visit to Asheville this week, you’ve come to the right place. If you’re not sure what to do, we’ve put together an itinerary of activities that will keep you busy and entertained for days on end. From the Black Mountain College Museum to Sliding Rock in the Pisgah National Forest, our recommendations will make your trip to Asheville one to remember.

Black Mountain College Museum

The first Black Mountain College was founded in 1933. Its secluded, experimental philosophy attracted mavericks from many disciplines to work at its campus. Despite the rigors of the Great Depression and World War II, the college persevered. It was so successful that it operated a working farm and constructed its own buildings for architecture classes. In addition to its history, Black Mountain College pioneered racial integration and began experimenting with modernist ideas. Although the college closed its doors in 1957, it remains a legendary incubator of postmodern work.

Adventure Center of Asheville

Wildwater’s Adventure Center of Asheville is a 120-acre facility located two miles outside downtown Asheville, North Carolina. The Center offers a variety of different adventures for the entire family, from tight-wire walks to kayaking. The staff will be happy to show you what’s available. There are activities for kids, too, including a kid’s zipline. Even adults can enjoy a day of fun and adventure with a group of friends.

Sliding Rock in Pisgah National Forest

If you’re looking for an adventure in Asheville this week, make sure to visit Sliding Rock in Pisgahah National Forest. The popular waterfall feature includes a 60-foot rock slope that ends in a deep pool of water. To get there, head to Pisgah National Forest via Sled Rock Road. If you’re looking for a great family outing, you’ve found it.

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Studio Strolls

The first stop on a Studio Stroll in Asheville is the River Arts District, an area of former industrial buildings located near the French Broad River and along Riverside Drive east of Interstate 240. You’ll see a variety of artists and displays of their work. After finishing the stroll, visit one of the galleries and see the many works of art for sale. It’s free, so come early and explore the district and buy some art.

Rafting the French Broad River

If you’re looking for a great river adventure, you’ve come to the right place. The French Broad River in Asheville, North Carolina, boasts 140 miles of rafting opportunities, and you can even rent a canoe! While rafting, you’ll experience the mighty French Broad Paddle Trail, which includes multiple class III rapids. The French Broad River is Asheville’s best kept secret, and it’s worth a visit.

Grandfather Mountain

If you’re planning a trip to Grandfather Mountain this week, you’ll want to plan it around several events. On Wednesday, June 8, the Animal Birthday Party will take place, featuring games, contests, and crafts. Celebrate the birthday of the habitat animals of Grandfather Mountain. Admission to the museum is included in the cost of the event. Guests will be able to see live birds, and you’ll be able to learn more about them.

Art galleries

Visit one of the many art galleries in Asheville this week. Located in the heart of the city, Pack Square Park is a hub for art appreciation. During the summer, art lovers can stroll through the park to view local artists’ works. In the winter, however, the weather is cooler and you may wish to go to one of the many ski resorts nearby. In any case, art lovers should make it a point to see local artists’ works in a variety of media.

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Live music

If you’re looking for some live music in Asheville this week, there are many exciting options. At Fleetwood’s, you can catch a show by Slow Teeth or Mary Metal. Both groups are local favorites and will be playing music from the 70s and dance era. You can also catch a show by local favorite Slow Packer. If you want to catch some new live music, you can make it a day-trip with the help of the Asheville metro area.

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