Wht She-Hulk, Attorney at Law is best of season…

By TVBob Dec23,2022

1. The Perfect Casting: Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters (She-Hulk) is simply perfect. Her natural charisma and charm make her the ideal choice to embody this iconic character.

2. Fourth Wall-Breaking Moments: Marvel’s She-Hulk includes several fourth wall-breaking moments that add an extra layer of humor and excitement to the show, such as when Jennifer turns to the camera and acknowledges that her assistant’s suggestion of “hulking out” needs explaining.

3. Origin Story: Marvel does a great job of quickly introducing viewers to Jennifer Walters’ origin story in a brief but effective way, with a car accident involving her cousin Bruce Banner being the cause of her transformation into She-Hulk.

4. Powerful Women: The show is written, produced and directed by an impressive team of powerful women including Jessica Gao, giving viewers a unique look at how women can be strong and successful while still navigating their emotions in life.

5. Training Montage: After receiving Hulk Blood from Bruce Banner, Jennifer must go through a laborious journey of learning how to control her anger and fear before she can fully embrace her new form as She-Hulk – fortunately for us we get to watch an entertaining

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By TVBob

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