The Best Zombie Movies on Netflix

By TVBob Sep29,2022

If you’re looking for zombie movies that are worth watching, Netflix has a number of titles available. You can find zombie classics like Night of the Living Dead, Zombieland, and The Walking Dead. The films have similar themes, but each has their own unique spin. These movies are sure to get you scared, but they’re also worth a look if you’re new to the genre.

Zombie movies have never been more popular than right now, and the selection is growing all the time. The genre isn’t just about zombies, either. It’s about people coming together to survive the undead hordes. The genre has spawned countless subgenres, which means you’ll find movies for people of all ages.

Zombie movies can range from romantic comedies to blood-curdling action movies. Netflix has some of the best zombie movies available right now, and many of them are guaranteed to be blockbusters. The movies are often about people who are living with zombies, or about people who are trying to survive after an outbreak.

best zombie movies on netflix

Netflix’s list of zombie movies may seem thin, but there are plenty to choose from. There are hundreds of movies, including zombie classics like Night of the Living Dead. However, the service doesn’t have the most extensive library of zombie movies, and selections in other countries are often much deeper.

In terms of genre, Netflix also has some great action and sci-fi movies. Resident Evil is one of the most popular and well-regarded movies on Netflix. Zombies are dangerous and turn humans into flesh-eating creatures. In many cases, the army has to step in and save the locals. This is always an impressive effort.

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A recent Canadian zombie thriller, ‘Ravenous’ follows the dwindling population of survivors in upstate Quebec. It’s an intelligent zombie drama with plenty of edgy imagery. The movie is also refreshing because of its realism, with likable survivors living alongside savage zombies.

Zombie films aren’t just for horror buffs, but they’re also great for action, whimsy, romance, and other genres. There’s something for everyone. You’re bound to find a zombie movie you love. You can watch it anytime and anywhere! This genre is as popular as ever, so you won’t be disappointed! There are a ton of zombie movies on Netflix that are worth a look. You can choose between a shaky, slow-moving horror flick, or a fast-paced thriller.

Dawn of the Dead remake is considered one of the best horror movies of the 2000s. The film has a strong cast and is one of the most influential remakes in Hollywood history. This zombie movie is also one of the most visually striking. The movie is full of zombies, and it is a very satisfying movie to watch.

Train to Busan is another zombie movie on Netflix that will keep you hooked throughout. A man and his daughter are on a train to Busan, but they are trapped inside. In the course of the journey, they find themselves trapped in a zombie outbreak, and they have to survive. The movie is incredibly well-made, and if you’re a fan of horror flicks, you’ll enjoy this film.

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