Is a Watermelon a Fruit Or a Vegetable?

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is a watermelon a fruit

So, is a watermelon a fruit or a vegetable? You might be wondering, since this summertime staple grows from seed. While botanists will insist that it is a fruit, certain cultures view it as a vegetable. It is one of the sweetest things Mother Nature ever created, and is often enjoyed on hot summer days. Here are some reasons why it is a fruit and what you can do to eat it.

Watermelon contains a high concentration of water and is also low in calories. It contains Vitamin C and lycopene, two nutrients that work together to support the body’s natural ability to fight off disease. People often fail to drink enough water every day, and watermelon provides that dose in one bite. Additionally, watermelon contains few carbohydrates and keeps you full, which is important for preventing junk-food cravings.

A watermelon is a summertime favorite, sweet, and juicy. Though it’s often used in fruit salads, the state of Oklahoma recently declared it a vegetable. The tomato, meanwhile, is difficult to classify. While it’s delicious and refreshing, it’s best served with a savory sauce or mixed salad. You’ll likely find it a bit tricky to incorporate into your fruit salad.

A watermelon looks ripe while outdoors, but the fruit won’t ripen further indoors. The only exceptions are tomatoes, which continue to ripen indoors. If you’re not sure what ripeness looks like, check the flesh of the melon by examining its appearance. Look for bruises, open gashes, or bumps. If the skin has an uneven texture, it’s unripe, so avoid it.

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